Mindfulness practice with tones & binaural beats

Mindfulness or Vipasana meditation is a skill we can cultivate over time.  All yoga poses are a kind of mindfulness practice, but a seated asana practice is the most important pose in understanding the true meaning of Yoga.

It is very helpful for yoga practioners to develop their seated meditation practice, after all it’s the pose that started it all! In today’s class we will complete a 10 minute seated meditation.


Let’s start by doing some yoga! Start this class after you have completed a class.

Ok, when that’s done, we will start a 10 minute seated meditation practice.

Find a quiet comfortable seated pose.  This can be in a chair! It can even be in a prone or Savasana pose. The key is to be comfortable, but not so much so that you get sleepy. Most people find it useful to not lie in bed! It helps to sit upright. Don’t over think it, just find a space and get settled, then listen to the short audio instructions below. Set a timer for 10 minutes with your phone or a clock.  After you complete your meditation share a comment below about your experience with the rest of your retreat members.

Background tones & music for your practice.

Meditation with silence or just the natural sounds of your environment can be a great experience, many people find background tones and music helpful too. Want background music for your practice? Try these out.

  • Theta tones (1st song) or Zen Guitar playlist here.