Power Yoga Sequence


During your Yoga teacher training you will work on teaching the Vinyasa Yoga sequence in the PDF below.
You build your class to backbends,  this is the peak of the arc of your sequence.  Your class includes;

  • Integration
  • Sun A & B
  • Side Angle Series
  • Twists
  • Balance
  • inversion
  • Vitality Series (Trianlge)
  • Back Bends
  • Hips
  • Finishing Poses
  • Savasana
Basically in a 1 hour class you should be at the approximate time “marks”;

Finished with Sun B at 20 minutes

Begin Triangle series at 35 minutes

Start Hip openers at 45 minutes

Leave 5-8 minutes for Savasana

Our course textbooks: You will use the following textbooks during your RYS 200 Yoga Teacher training course.  These reference books will be used thoughout you course. They are available at most bookseller or you can use the links below to purchase the books directly from Amazon.